Q:  So, what exactly does Broad and Jones mean?
A:  Let’s go back in time and relive 2002 when I was an awkward girl in high school who loved Billy Idol and David Bowie. Studded belts and Union Jack flags were my go-to. When it came to naming the shop, I wanted to pick a name that showed a bit of my personality. Since “Cat Lady” and “Really sarcastic, almost bitchy” aren’t the greatest names - I was forced to peel the layers of my youth. Broad is Billy Idol’s legal last name, and Jones was David Bowie’s. Put them together and BAM!

Q: What’s your returns policy?
A:  Glad you asked! You can get the more detailed and pretty wordy version here.  But, I’ll break it down for ya. You get 20 days to decide whether or not something strikes your fancy. If you decide “Eh, not so much,” all you have to do is e-mail us, and we will walk you through the steps to get you a store credit.

Q: Do you charge sales tax?
A: Only if you're lucky enough to live in the great humid state of Florida! 

Q: Why do you have a fox in your logo?
A:  The question is, why wouldn’t we have a fox in our logo? I have a love of woodland creatures, and I still want to know what the fox says. Plus, they are cute.

Q: I know a brand that would be awesome for you guys. Can I send it your way?
Hell yeah, you can! E-mail , and let me know what brands you’re loving these days.  If you’re a vendor yourself and think we would be a good fit for your product - holla at me too!

Q: My tracking says my package was delivered. But unless I’m newly blind - I can’t find it.
A:  UGH! I feel your pain. I ordered a bobblehead from LilBub.com and that exact thing happened! I called my local USPS Post Office and gave them the tracking number. Luckily, they’ve gotten fancy over the years and can track the actual coordinates of where something got delivered. That’s your first line of defense to find your seemingly lost package. If that doesn’t work, e-mail me at , and we can help you file a claim for your order.

Q: I’m digging a product, but it’s sold out! What’s the deal?
Don’t worry, I hate the “Out of Stock” box as much as you do.  But if you enter your e-mail address in the out of stock notification box, you’ll get an e-mail the moment it hits our inventory. The goal is that we will have enough inventory for everything your heart desires, but we are at the mercy of our vendors and since we deal with smaller companies - they only have so many hands.